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Let us scan, transcribe and connect your business cards on social networks, email services and CRM systems. Unlock the full sales and marketing potential and access your business card contacts from anywhere in the world using the power of the cloud.

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Real Customer Feedback

  • "I love being able to follow my business card contacts and I love Cloud Contacts. Made my pile of business cards far more useful!"
    -- Robert Scoble, Rackspace blogger and startup evangelist
  • "I love CloudContacts, just imported all these contacts to Gmail, it works amazingly well, plus it's simple."
    -- iLan Abehassera, Producteev Founder & CEO
  • "CloudContacts is the most awesome service."
    -- Eric Ries, Author of Startup Lessons Learned & The Lean Startup
  • "Great service. I will be recommending it (and back for more)."
    -- Jan Harley, Unilever
  • "Cloud Contacts might be the coolest thing ever for getting business cards scanned in effortlessly and without typos! Highly recommend."
    -- Boisset Family Estates